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We are a publisher which sees operators as advertising partners with which

we grow together. 

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Our Vision

Here at Exactplay, we know how important it is to grow your player database

In a landscape where operators are always competing over traffic, Exactplay aims to bring stability.
We see operators as long-term partners rather than clients and this makes our business model dramatically different than that of more traditional affiliates.

We don't sell traffic. Rather we bring operators the opportunity to grow their web presence together with us.

At the core, we create engaging content for players, while operators can choose from dedicated advertising slots that are theirs and theirs alone for how long they wish for. Forget about CPC, CPA, or CPM. Choose your advertising slots and they are yours. In the meantime, we keep on creating new content to grow together.

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Our Team

We are a diverse team of professionals.

While most of our team has a background in gaming we find it important to get insights from other industries which can help our brands perform better.

Matthijs Vogelenzang
CEO and Founder​

Matthijs is the steward of the team. With a strong background in sales and finance, and a passion for anything iGaming related he is dedicated to leading Exactplay into the future..

Shira Pugatch
Creative Design

Shira is the first employee of Exactplay and is responsible for designing all UI/UX components as well as creating the themes of our brands. With over 20 years of experience, she is a best-in-class creative designer who makes sure the user experience on our brands is unsurpassed

Filip Mishevski
Content Executive

Filip is our content writing hero. Nobody knows more about slot machines, SEO, and user engagement here at Exactplay. Having a background in both marketing and creative writing he is the right man to take the content of Exactplay to the next level.

Bjørne Valen
Sales and Content Manager

With 8 years of iGaming experience and a knack for sales, Bjørne makes sure the content is aligned to the needs of our partners and player trends. Speaking to both partners as well as the rest of the team he is in a unique position to translate partner demands into actionable items for the team.

Vladimir Zaitsev
DevOps Manager

Vladimir makes sure all hard- and software at Exactplay keeps on running smoothly. Docker Containers, Cloudflare, and Virtual Private Servers? We have no idea what all of that is but Vlad says it’s important. We believe him.

Our Brands

Here at Exactplay, we know how important it is to grow your player database


Slot Gangsters is our flagship brand where players can stay up to date with all releases from casino game providers. The comic gangster duo Jackie Spinner and Hank Reel pop up throughout the website, informing players about the latest bonuses, new slot machines, and the best casinos. Visit Slot Gangsters today and contact our sales team to explore advertising opportunities.
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BetsAlert is our Sportsbetting and Casino Games focused magazine. You will find a place to play the latest slot machines, read the latest news, get betting tips and get insider information directly from industry professionals. Visit Bets Alert today and contact our sales team to explore advertising opportunities.
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